Please find more information about the Gifted Citizen call in these Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions regarding the application process, please e-mail the Gifted Citizen Team at: giftedcitizen@podercivico.org.mx

As a Gifted Citizen you will be part of a powerful network of innovators and social entrepreneurs. At La Ciudad de las Ideas, you will not only have the ability to spread your message far and wide, but you will also meet extraordinary people that could help you find new opportunities for your project.

2. Do I have to participate in a regional competition to be selected for the global list?

No, that is not necessary.

3. Do applicants need to be a certain age?

Anyone over the age 18 is welcome to apply.

4. Is being fluent in English a requirement?

Most conferences at La Ciudad de las Ideas are in English, however, there is simultaneous translation in the auditorium.

5. Will Gifted Citizen provide visas to the finalists?

No, those that are selected as finalists and therefore become Gifted Citizens, are responsible for obtaining their own visas to visit Mexico, as well as any required travel document by transit countries. If you are selected a Gifted Citizen and you need a formal letter of invitation please send an e-mail to: giftedcitizen@podercivico.org.mx

6. How are the finalist chosen?

There are four phases of evaluation and judging panels. Several of the judges will be at La Ciudad de las Ideas to hear your pitch at the Gifted Citizen Day on November 17th. Your project will be evaluated through the following instruments:

Application Questionnaire
Second Questionnaire (only for the 50 semi-finalists)

* It is important to note that the production nor the quality of the video are evaluated. The video has the intention of letting the judges know more about your project, so although the video doesn’t play a decisive role during the evaluation phases it is mandatory. **

**The video must last from 3 to 5 minutes and can be recorded in selfie mode with your cell phone. The format or quality of the video are not important, however the content is. It is important to describe the project the best possible, it will be fundamental for its evaluation. It is not necessary that all co-founders appear in the video. Remember to upload your video to YouTube and share the link.

7. Can my co-founder/partner come with me?

The Gifted Citizen nomination is only for the founder that completed the Application questionnaire and that was evaluated. The co-founders can, by all means, attend to La Ciudad de las Ideas, however, they will have to cover all their expenses including accommodation. Upon request we give up to a 50% discount for the co-founders for the Ciudad de las Ideas festival ticket.

8. When are finalists notified?

We will be in touch directly with you if you are selected to be one of the 50 semi-finalists. The 50 semi-finalists will receive a second brief questionnaire in order to answer further questions regarding their sustainability/business model. From these 50, 30 finalists will be selected to become Gifted Citizens.